J.G. Nix .50 Caliber Custom Bucks Flintlock Rifle

Item #: JGN50FL

Price: $2,900
Plus Shipping & Handling - 3 Day Inspection

This is a beautifully crafted custom Flintlock rifle made in the Bucks style by J.G. Nix in 1980 as indicated by the inscription on the barrel: "J.G. Nix No. 8 1980". The rifle is in excellent condition and has a 42" barrel with a .50 caliber bore. The stock is a work of art with expertly executed carving in the beautifully grained wood. The patch box features tasteful engraving and has an unusual bottom hinged design. The stock medallion has the initials R.A.C. engraved in it. Please call if you have any questions.