! SOLD ! Wyoming Armory Model 1885 in .45-70 Govt.

Item #: AR1885

Price: $4,400
Plus Shipping & Handling - 3 Day Inspection

This is a rare opportunity to take immediate delivery of a new Wyoming Armory Model 1885 rifle since the normal delivery time from the time we have all of the parts is from 3 to 9 months, depending on our work schedule. Getting the action and/or the barrel can add significantly to that delivery time. This rifle is a new custom made Model 1885 built on a new action. The barrel is a #3 weight, 32" length full octagon chambered in 45-70 Govt.. The rifle's options include a Single Set Trigger and a Pistol Grip Butt Stock with a Shotgun Butt Plate and a Shadow Line Cheek Piece. The rifle can be modified with no further expense if the buyer wants a shorter barrel, a rear sight dovetail in the barrel or scope blocks. NOTE: This rifle's stock and forearm have been checkered since these pictures were taken. Please call for more details.